Affiliates and Collaborators

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Raina co-advises or works closely with a number of graduate students and postdocs based at other institutions and collaborates with a wide range of researchers across institutions and disciplines. 

Affiliated Students and Post-docs:

Alison Peel, postdoc (Griffith University)

Kezia Manlove, graduate student (Pennsylvania State University)

John Giles, graduate student (Griffith University)

Jaewoon Jeong, graduate student (Griffith University)

Gerardo Martin, graduate student (James Cook University)

Cecilia Sanchez, graduate student (University of Georgia)

Raina's major collaborators (actively working together on funded research) are: 

Hamish McCallum (Griffith University)

Peter Hudson (Pennsylvania State University)

Paul Cross (United States Geological Survey)

Frances Cassirer (Idaho Fish and Game)

Tom Besser (Washington State University)

Brett Dickson (Conservation Science Partners)

Andy Dobson (Princeton University)

Kezia Manlove (Pennsylvania State University)

Gerardo Martin (James Cook University)

Alison Peel (Griffith University)

Lee Skerratt (James Cook University)

Gary Tabor (Center for Large Landscape Conservation)

Other collaborators, in alphabetical order:

Michelle Baker (CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratories)

Wayne Bryden (University of Queenlsand)

Gary Crameri (CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratories)

Peggy Eby (University of New South Wales)

Jon Epstein (EcoHealth Alliance)

Janet Foley (UC Davis)

Patrick Foley (Sacramento State University)

Michael Gorman (University of Virginia)

David Hayman (Colorado State University)

Jamie Lloyd-Smith (UCLA)

Angie Luis (Colorado State University)

Sarah Olson (Wildlife Conservation Society)

Thomas J. O’Shea (USGS)

Colin Parrish (Cornell University)

Juliet R.C. Pulliam (University of Florida)

Olivier Restif (Cambridge University)

Craig Smith (Biosecurity Queensland)

Ina Smith (CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratories)

Linfa Wang (CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratories)

Colleen T. Webb (Colorado State University)

David Westcott (CSIRO)

James Wood (Cambridge University)